Should You File A Defamation Suit?

When someone defames you, the injury your reputation incurs can be more painful than a physical injury and harder to recover from. This smear against you can be verbal, in print, or online, but if it is untrue and damages you, a personal injury lawyer can help you set the record straight and possibly receive compensation. Defamation Standards When someone deliberately lies about you in print, that is called libel. Verbal defamation is slander.

Workers' Comp Claims That Might Require Legal Representation

Many times smaller workers' comp claims can be handled by your employer and insurance. There are some instances where it might be a good idea to have a lawyer backing you up and reviewing your case. Depending on the severity of your injury and other surrounding details can make a difference in how you should handle your worker's comp case. Here are four aspects within workers' comp claims that might be best handled by a lawyer.

Questions And Answers Concerning Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident can cause significant injuries. If another vehicle caused the accident, the operator of a motorcycle may be eligible for compensation. Here are a few questions and answers concerning motorcycle accidents: How does comparative negligence relate to a motorcycle accident? Comparative negligence is used to help assign fault in an accident. It compares the degree of negligence of a driver to that of the other drivers involved in the incident.

3 Steps To Help You Avoid Becoming The Victim Of Medical Malpractice

Undergoing any medical procedure can be stressful, and the threat of medical malpractice can make even routine procedures worrisome. Authorities estimate that 440,000 patients die as a result of medical negligence each year. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do if you want to avoid becoming the victim of medical malpractice in the future. Here are three steps you should take prior to any medical procedure to mitigate the risks of medical malpractice.

Injured on a Carnival Ride? Know Your Rights

The amount of injuries that occur at carnivals is not a staggering number, but they do happen from time to time. If you happen to be one of those unfortunate people that become seriously injured, you do have rights to be compensated for what happened to you. Here is what you need to know. Hire a Lawyer to Help You The key to winning any lawsuit against the responsible party is to hire a lawyer that specializes in personal injuries.