How to Handle Car Accident Permanent Injury Situations

Car accidents are all unique. What might appear to be a minor accident could cause extremely severe injuries to the victim. While vehicles are now safer than ever, very bad and even permanent injuries can occur with a car accident. If you have been hit by a careless driver, you may be entitled to compensation, and a permanent injury situation calls for far more attention than some realize. Read on and find out how to handle a permanent injury car accident situation.

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

As soon as you can, speak to a lawyer, even if it's only by phone. You don't have to understand the full scope of your injuries to speak to a lawyer. If the accident caused you to be hospitalized for several weeks or more and you are still recovering, you could be dealing with an extended accident situation. Contacting a lawyer early in the case will get the ball rolling and provide you with some good advice right away. 

Don't Speak to the Other Side

The other driver and their insurer are not on your side, and they are definitely not your friends. The insurance adjuster for the at-fault driver uses their friendly manner to put you at ease and cause you to accidentally say the wrong thing. They will call soon after the accident and make you believe that you are required to speak to them but that is not the case at all. Don't talk to them and don't give it another thought. You are not doing anything wrong by refusing the phone interview. 

Don't Agree to a Settlement

Settlement offers from the other side will come early and in an aggressive manner once they realize the magnitude of your injuries. The other side hopes you won't have a lawyer and that you won't understand how much you are entitled to as a result of your injuries. While the amounts of offers can sound generous, let your lawyer look at any settlement offer or accident release before you sign it. Don't cash or deposit any checks sent to you from the other side either.

Know About Future Needs

A permanent injury means the victim is owed more than just medical costs and a car repair. In addition, you can be paid for pain and suffering, lost wages, future medical costs, and more. Severe and permanent injuries may even impact your ability to earn a living. If so, you might be in line for a large settlement to cover lost career opportunities.

For more information, speak to an auto accident attorney.