Key Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

When you've suffered an injury, finding the right personal injury attorney should be one of your top priorities if you plan to pursue legal action. With so many legal firms competing with one another for your business, it's worthwhile to speak to a number of firms and ask a handful of questions until you find the attorney who you feel will best represent your interests. While it's important to discuss legal fees, the attorney's areas of expertise and the likelihood that you can a legitimate claim, there are other questions to ask before you choose your attorney. Here are three questions to ask with each personal injury attorney to whom you speak.    

Do You Take Personal Injury Cases On Contingency?

If you're concerned about the cost of representing you, making an agreement to have the personal injury attorney represent you on contingency is a route that many clients pursue. This agreement essentially means that you don't pay the attorney unless you win money. It's common for personal injury attorneys to take cases in this manner, especially if you present the details of your situation and the attorney strongly believes there's a likelihood that he or she will win. The follow-up question to ask is what percentage the attorney will earn, as this amount ranges by law firm. Knowing this information can help you weigh the attorney versus others and work toward finding the best candidate. 

How Quickly Do You Expect The Case To Be Wrapped Up?

While thinking forward to the conclusion of the case might seem a little premature, it's responsible to consider. No one enjoys having a legal case hanging over their head for an indefinite length of time, and talking to a personal injury attorney (such as one from Vick & Glantz, LLP) with experience in your area should mean that he or she can give you an idea, based on other cases, of how long you can expect to wait until the matter is resolved. Some attorneys might be eager to file the suit immediately while others need longer to prepare. All this information can help you make your decision.

How Frequently Would You Communicate Matters About My Case?

Each attorney has a different style and each client has different expectations. It's important to get on the same page before you sign any paperwork. Some attorneys make a priority of keeping their clients informed on a daily basis, while some clients simply wish to be informed if there's any major news about the case. Determine which perspective suits you and make sure the lawyer can work in this style, too.