An Overview On Social Security Disability Case Reviews

If you are on Social Security disability, you may wonder if there will ever be a time when you no longer qualify due to a change in circumstances. Circumstances that may affect Social Security disability benefits are usually the result of an improvement in health to the point where you are no longer considered disabled, or if you wish to go back to work and not depend on Social Security disability any longer. The law is set up so that Social Security periodically reviews your case. This article will give you on overview on what to expect if the Social Security Administration decides to review and subsequently change your current disability situation.

How Cases Are Reviewed

Disability benefits through Social Security will continue as long as you are disabled. However, from time to time, Social Security may review your case to determine if, in fact, you are still considered to be disabled. How often and when your case is reviewed is dependent upon whether or not your condition is ever expected to improve. If your disability was deemed to be a permanent one with no expectation of ever improving, Social Security may never feel the need to review your case. But if there is evidence in your file that indicates the possible improvement of your condition, Social Security may mark a deadline for your case to be reviewed to determine if you've made any improvement. 

There are a couple of things that can prompt Social Security to stop benefits. The first is if you are working and earning an income at or above the level Social Security deems to be substantial, based on the current year's monthly allowable income. The second reason is if Social Security determines that your medical condition has improved to the point where you are no longer considered disabled.  You are responsible for reporting any and all improvements to Social Security as well as if you return to work.

Special Incentives

Social Security has special work incentives in place that allow you to keep your benefits while you test your ability to work. These programs are set up to offer vocational training and reimbursement of expenses for equipment to accommodate your disability. If you feel as though you may be well enough to return to work, or if Social Security is determining you to have improved when in fact you have not, contact a Social Security Disability Attorney like J W Chalkley III PA for help with your situation.