2 Things You Should Know About Filling Disability For Depression

Being diagnosed with depression can be debilitating. This medical condition goes far beyond being sad or unhappy for a day and can affect your entire life. In severe cases, you may even be unable to work. This may reason enough for you to file for disability. If you're eligible for disability, it can provide you with the money you need for daily living. Knowing specific things about the requirements to achieve this status if you are depressed may be helpful if you are in this situation.

What is social security disability?

The state of being unable to work due to a medical condition is referred to as social security disability and is payable by the federal government. The purpose of this program is to help people who are unable to work due to some sort of injury or medical condition that prevents this individual to function on a daily basis.

What are the basic requirements?

In order to receive monthly payments for your disability, you must meet certain requirements and these are listed below:

  1. You must file a claim asking for disability.
  2. You must complete a phone interview.
  3. You must list what the specific reason for your disability.
  4. You should provide copies of your medical records.

Once you have completed these steps, you may either be approved or denied. If you are denied disability, you can ask to have the decision appealed in a court of law.

What is needed to get disability for depression?

In order to get this financial assistance if you are depressed, you must be able to meet some additional requirements and these are listed below:

  1. You must prove you are unable to function at a job because of your depression. This can typically be accomplished with a letter from your medical provider stating this.
  2. You should be capable of showing you can't concentrate or focus due to your state of mind.
  3. If the depression affects your decision-making, this should be included in your application.
  4. If you've attempted to commit suicide, it's necessary to note this and the date you attempted to suicide.

Finally, living in a depressed state can affect all areas of your life and may even impact your ability to hold a job. Be sure to rely on the expertise of a social security disability lawyer if you feel you should be able to receive disability for your depression and need important questions answered.