Were You Sent Home From The ER With Heart Attack Symptoms Because You're A Woman? Get A Lawyer

Were you sent home from the emergency room or from your family physician with symptoms of a heart attack, and then had a heart attack later in your home? If so, you want to call a medical malpractice attorney right away.

Undiagnosed or overlooked heart attack symptoms occur frequently with women, and you were possibly misdiagnosed or mistreated at the medical facility. A lawyer will read through your evidence to see if you have enough information for a case. Bring the following information with you to meet with your attorney.

Discharge Paperwork

The discharge paperwork with your symptoms and treatment will be key evidence for the case. About 40 percent of women don't have chest pain when having a heart attack, but experience the other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, pain in an arm and more.  If you were showing more than one sign, your symptoms should have been taken more seriously by the medical professional who treated you.

Medical Bills

After you had to get emergency treatment for the heart attack that could have been treated the first time that you were at the hospital, you are going to have a variety of medical bills. Gather all your medical bills and bring them to the lawyer so they can add up what you have invested in the illness, and what the misdiagnosis has cost you out of your own pocket.

Long Term Health Problems

Are you going to suffer any type of long term health problems because of the heart attack? If you have a significant amount of permanent damage to the heart, or you are going to need a surgery to help with the treatment of your heart attack, these are problems that you deserve to be compensated for additionally. This put a lot of unnecessary stress and strain on your life that could have been prevented if the heart attack was caught right away.

If you were sent home from the hospital, and you think it was because you are a woman and your serious heart attack symptoms weren't taken as seriously as they could have been, you want to get a legal consult right away. You could have lost your life because of the negligence of the medical professional that treated you at the emergency room, and your medical malpractice lawyer will make sure you get the funds that you need to get through this ordeal.