Little Known Dynamics That May Affect The Amount Of Your Personal Injury Settlement

What are some of the factors that determine how much money you get from a personal injury claim? If your answer is the type of injury, medical expenses, age and earnings, then you are on the right track. Just know, however, that there are other little-known dynamics that may come into play.


Some people wish that gender should not influence the amount of recovery one may get, but it does have a significant influence in the real world. Discrimination is likely to be present when the injury involves scarring and disfigurement.  In such cases, you may receive more compensation for the scarring if you are a woman as compared to if you were a man. The compensation may even be more if the disfigurement is located in your face. The assumption is that bodily disfigurement inconveniences a woman more than it does a man.

Date of Injury

If you are injured towards the end of the year, then you may get more compensation than somebody who experienced the same injury earlier in the year. Of course, this chance only exists if you begin your claim process in the same year. This is because most insurers prefer to close and settle cases by the end of the year. This means that they may hurry the negotiation process, which may work to your advantage. Of course, your case has to be a solid one for that to happen.


Children affect your settlement award in two main ways. First, it matters whether or not you have them. Those who have children tend to receive bigger awards because their pain and suffering are deemed to be greater. For example, it makes sense that parents who can no longer carry or play with his or her children will suffer more than those who don't have such concerns since they don't have kids.

Secondly, the number of children (especially minors) also matter. Parents who have multiple minor children come across as family oriented, something that both adjusters and juries are sympathetic to. It also means that more people have been affected by your injuries.

Resident State

Another surprising factor that may come into play is the state in which you are being tried. Sadly, some states are known to be racially biased when electing juries, and the racial bias may have unintended consequences on the outcome of your case.

As you can see, there are many factors that come into play to determine your final personal injury settlement award. This is why it is essential to hire an experienced attorney; as an amateur, you may not have the skills to manage these issues to your advantage. For more information, speak with an attorney such as William D. Hochberg.